What Is the Best Artificial Grass for Dogs?

Do you have pets that run up and down your garden, digging holes and turning your turf brown? Pets are good for every home. But when it comes to natural grass, pets can destroy it. Don’t worry; there is a way to save your pet and lawn. If you have dogs on your property, you can install artificial grass instead of natural carpet grass. Artificial grass for dogs is perfect for every home; it makes your lawn attractive and does not pose any threat to your pets. This article considers the best artificial grass for dogs. It highlights the benefits of installing synthetic lawns for your pets to play on. 

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Why Should I Install Artificial Turf for Dogs?

There are several reasons homeowners in Nigeria should install artificial turf for dogs. One reason is that synthetic turf, unlike natural carpet grass, offers a durable outdoor flooring solution. If you have pets like dogs on your property, you will notice that they run and play around it. Dogs sometimes dig holes into the ground. And if you have natural carpet grass planted on your property, your dogs can destroy it when they dig holes into the soil. This is where artificial carpet grass comes in handy. 

Another reason to replace your carpet grass with artificial grass is that it is less likely to develop mold and mildew due to pets activities on it. Your dogs will sometimes poo or urinate on your carpet grass. Poo or urine can remain concealed and decay, forming mold around the spot. Aside from that, your natural lawn can form brown spots from dog urine. Brown spots can make your carpet grass less attractive and smelly. 

Another reason you should install artificial grass for dogs is because, unlike natural grass, synthetic grass does not serve as home to ticks and bugs. Ticks sometimes hide in carpet grass and stick to your pets when they lie on it. If you don’t like the looks of a dirt pet, you should consider installing artificial grass for dogs. This is because your artificial grass will not become muddy after it rains on your lawn. 

Is Artificial Carpet Turf Safe for Dogs?

Asking this question is like asking the pros and cons of artificial grass with dogs. If you are yet to install a synthetic turf on your lawn, you need to know more about it. First, is artificial grass safe for dogs? You might have heard rumors that synthetic turf is harmful to dogs and other pets. Some will even tell you that artificial grass is harmful to your kids. While that may be true some 15 or 20 years back, it is no longer true today. The first-generation artificial grass contains chemicals like lead that are used to make it.

 Lead is poisonous to both humans and pets. Newer generation artificial grass carpet no longer contains lead and other harmful chemicals. This means that artificial grass is safe for your kids and pets. Every artificial grass manufacturer will ensure that their turf meets the safety requirements before selling it to retailers. That is why artificial grass is safe for dogs. This is one of the pros of artificial grass. But what about cleaning the turf. 

Best Artificial Grass for Dogs

Do Have I Clean Artificial Grass for Dogs?

Artificial grass is not free of its own “trouble.” Note that we use trouble in a quote. Most homeowners think that when they install a synthetic turf on their lawn, they don’t have to maintain it. But that is not right because synthetic lawns need maintenance like other synthetic flooring materials. So, if you install artificial grass for dogs, you have to clean it regularly. This means that you must remove dog poo and urine from the turf surface to keep it clean. You have to use the best artificial grass cleaner for dog urine to do that. This might seem like a trouble for some homeowners, but you must do it if you want your turf to look good.

What Kind of Synthetic Turf Is Perfect for Dogs?

There are different kinds of artificial grass, and the difference is based on the color and pile height. The best artificial grass for dogs is turf with a short pile height. This means that if you have a lawn that is used regularly by your pets, you should install 10 mm or 20 mm artificial grass. 


What is the best artificial grass for dogs? If you have pets like dogs on your property, you should install artificial grass with short pile height. Ensure that you clean your artificial grass regularly to avoid odor build-up. 

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