What Are the Types and Prices of Oxford Shoes in Nigeria?

There are several dress shoe types to buy when shopping for good formal footwear. Oxford shoes stand out from the crowd because they are not only attractive and durable, they have a distinctive design that makes them stand out. So, what are the types and prices of Oxford shoes in Nigeria? Continue reading this article to know more. 

What Is an Oxford Shoe?

An Oxford shoe is a dress shoe that features a closed lacing system concealed within the upper part. It is a traditional men’s dress shoe that you can wear to any formal or casual occasion in Nigeria. Oxford shoes have a distinctive design in which the eyelet area is covered within the vamp. They are a great example of basic black cap toe shoes. 

Why Are They Called Oxford Shoes?

Modern Oxford shoes are derived from the Oxonian; a half-boot with side slits that were popular at Oxford University in 1800. The side slit of the shoe evolved into a side lace that eventually moved to the instep. 

What Is the Difference between Oxfords and Brogues?

An Oxford shoe is footwear that features a closed-lacing system on the upper. This makes it fit on your foot when you wear it. Also, the closed lacing system makes it look formal. Brogues, on the other hand, refers to the decorative perforations on the sides, toe cap, and upper length of the shoe. The decorative perforations give the shoes a visually impressive appearance that can also be found on Oxford shoes. What this means is that Oxford shoes can have a brogues design. 

Can I Wear Oxford with Jean?

Oxford shoes are dress shoes for formal occasions in Nigeria, it is still possible to wear them with Jean. If you have a plain slim-fit Jean, you can wear it with your black Oxford shoe and it will look just fine. The point is to match your Jean color with your shoe. 

Are Oxford Shoes Business Casual?

Yes, Oxford shoes are business and casual shoes. You can wear Oxford shoes to weddings, corporate meetings, and any other formal occasion. Also, you can wear your Oxford shoe with Jean for a casual outing. 

Other business casual shoes are loafers, Oxford, Derby, Monk Strap, Chelsea boots, Chukka boots, and dress boot 

Can You Wear Oxfords with a Suit?

Yes, you can wear your Oxford shoe with a suit. Oxford shoes pair happily with a tuxedo, business attire, full suit or traditional attire. 

Types and Prices of Oxford Formal Shoes You Will Find in Nigeria 

Black Leather Oxford Shoes 

 Types and Prices of Oxford Shoes in Nigeria

Price ₦ 40,000

This black leather Oxford shoe for sale in Nigeria is the perfect footwear for any formal occasion. It features a thick calf leather upper, closed lacing and a rubber sole. 

Brown Leather Oxford Shoe for Men in Nigeria 

 Prices of Oxford Shoes in Nigeria

Price ₦ 13,000

Do you love brown shoes? This brown leather Oxford dress shoe for men in Nigeria features a bullock brogues design, rubber outsole material and a leather upper. The lace-up design makes it the best formal footwear to wear to an occasion. 

Brown Calf Leather Oxford Dress Shoe

 Oxford Shoes in Nigeria

Price ₦ 20,000

This brown leather Oxford shoe is for formal and casual occasions. You can wear it with a suit or traditional attire. And you can wear it to a formal occasion and for a casual outing. 

So, do you want an Oxford Shoe? We have discussed the types and prices of Oxford shoes in Nigeria and you are excited to get one for yourself. Why not visit our store and check out our Oxford shoes? 

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