How Much Are Nike Sneakers on Jumia?

Do you love wearing top-quality Sneakers? Nike is a popular brand known for making best of class shoes, sneakers and sandals. If you want to look good they are a must buy. But how much are Nike sneakers on Jumia? Let’s find out.

What Is a Nike sneaker?

Nike sneakers are athletic shoes designed by the American multinational corporation Nike, Inc. They are renowned for their performance, style, and comfort. Nike sneakers are popular among athletes and fashion enthusiasts alike, and are known for their iconic Swoosh logo.

Places to Buy Nike Sneakers

Nike sneakers are available at various retail outlets and online stores. Jumia, a popular online marketplace in Nigeria, is one of the best places to buy Nike sneakers. They offer a wide range of options, often at discounted prices. Besides Jumia, you can also purchase Nike sneakers from the official Nike website, which offers the latest designs and exclusive releases. Other online platforms like Amazon, eBay, and Foot Locker are also excellent choices. For those who prefer to try on shoes before purchasing, visiting a local Nike store or other sports retail outlets is advisable. It’s important to compare prices and check for authenticity, especially when buying from third-party sellers.

Types of Nike Sneakers on Jumia

Jumia offers a diverse range of Nike sneakers. One of the options available is the Nike Running – Renew Serenity, which is priced at ₦35,000 and is known for its comfort and durability. 

Another popular choice is the Nike Running – Quest 4, available for ₦30,000, which is designed for runners and offers excellent cushioning. The Nike SportsWear – Tanjun, priced at ₦29,500, is a stylish and comfortable option for everyday wear. 

For those looking for training shoes, the Nike Training – Legend Essential 2 is available for ₦25,000. Additionally, Jumia offers the Nike Revolution 6 Men’s Running shoes for ₦48,500, which are known for their performance and style. 

There are also options like the Nike Air Max Zephyr Men’s Sneakers for ₦140,000, which are high-end sneakers known for their iconic air cushioning.

Nike sneakers Jumia

How Much Are Nike Sneakers in Nigeria?

On Jumia, the prices of Nike sneakers vary depending on the model and features. For instance, the Nike Running – Renew Serenity is available for ₦35,000, while the Nike Running – Quest 4 is priced at ₦30,000. The Nike SportsWear – Tanjun is available for ₦29,500. The Nike Training – Legend Essential 2 is priced at ₦25,000. The Nike Revolution 6 Men’s Running shoes are available for ₦48,500. For those looking for high-end options, the Nike Air Max Zephyr Men’s Sneakers are priced at ₦140,000. It’s important to note that prices may change and it’s always good to check for the latest prices and discounts available.

Buy quality Nike sneakers at Shopsavis

Shopsavis is another excellent platform for purchasing quality Nike sneakers. They offer a range of authentic Nike products that cater to different preferences and needs. Whether you are an athlete looking for performance shoes or a fashion enthusiast seeking the latest trends, Shopsavis has something for everyone. Their user-friendly website makes it easy to browse through different models, and their customer service is available to assist with any queries. Additionally, Shopsavis often runs promotions and discounts, making it an affordable option for buying Nike sneakers. The convenience of online shopping combined with the assurance of quality makes Shopsavis a go-to destination for Nike sneakers.

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