How Can You Tell Top-quality Fake Grass?

Landscaping your property with fake grass is one way to increase its curb appeal. But there is more. Artificial grass provides a soft surface for you, your kids, and pets to walk on when you lay it in your backyard or home interior. To enjoy all the benefits fake grass has to offer, you have to choose the right one. This means using top-quality artificial turf when landscaping your garden. But how can you tell top-quality fake grass? 

Is Fake Grass Really Fake?

Fake grass is the synthetic alternative to natural carpet grass. Engineers developed it in the early 60s for homeowners that want a lawn that requires less maintenance. Although a synthetic material, fake grass provides the same feel and looks like real grass. Early generation artificial grass looks a little less like natural carpet grass. The blades and color are not well-developed, making some refer to it as fake grass. But as technology improves, artificial turf no longer looks fake. 

The surface texture becomes more realistic, making it difficult to tell the difference between it and natural carpet grass. Aside from that, fake grass has the same soft feel as real grass when you walk on it. This means that you can enjoy the beauty and softness of real grass when you lay synthetic turf in your backyard. Although artificial grass no longer looks fake, homeowners still refer to it as fake grass. It is a reference to the fact that it is a synthetic alternative to natural carpet grass. 

Qualities of a Good Artificial Grass

Realistic Look

One quality of a good artificial grass carpet is that it has the realistic looks of natural grass. Do you want a lawn that looks real? There are several brands and grades of fake grass that you can install on your property to enjoy the realistic look of real grass. If you prefer a green lawn with all the natural looks of real grass, you can lay green artificial grass on your property. 

There are two types of green turf you can install. You can install light green or dark green artificial grass. High-quality artificial grass does not look like plastic. This is important because fake grass is made of polyethylene or nylon. Low-grade grass has this plastic look that will make your backyard, or anywhere you install it unattractive. But when you lay realistic turf in your backyard, you will enjoy the beauty for a long time. 

Top-quality Fake Grass

Soft Surface Texture

One characteristic of natural carpet grass is that it has a soft surface texture that makes walking on it easy. Top-quality fake grass has this characteristic too. When you purchase and install artificial turf on your property, you will find it easy to use. This is because the grass has soft blades that give you the feel of natural carpet grass when you walk on it. The blades are so soft that they will bounce back when you walk on them. This makes the grass resist heavy foot traffic without getting damaged. It is important to lay soft artificial grass on your property. If you have kids or pets, synthetic turf with a soft surface texture is the best option. This will enable your children to jump, roll and skip in your garden without getting injured. 

Holes for Drainage

Artificial grass must have holes. The essence of making holes in your fake grass backing is to allow drainage. When it rains, water will settle on your fake grass lawn. If your turf doesn’t have holes, water will remain on the surface and make it slippery. Aside from making it slippery, water can damage your turf if it pools on the surface for a long time. Top-quality fake grass must have holes big enough to drain water after rain. 

High Blade Density

The blade density of artificial grass matters. Fake grass comes with blades that have different pile heights. A long blade length makes your garden look like a freshly cut lawn, while a short blade length makes it looks like carpet grass. Aside from blade length, the density matters. Artificial grass with high blade density will look lush like natural carpet grass. The more blades your turf has, the more realistic it looks. So, one way to tell top-quality artificial grass is by looking at the blade density.


How can you tell top-quality fake grass? High-quality artificial grass has the realistic looks of natural carpet grass. Aside from that, it has a soft surface texture that makes walking in it easy. Fake grass rugs must have high blade density and large enough holes for draining water. 

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