What Kind of Wallpaper Should I Use in a Bathroom?

Wallpapering your house is a great way to increase its curb appeal. Popular places homeowners have added wallpaper are in living rooms, bedrooms, game rooms, libraries, and kitchens. But what about the bathroom? Most homeowners have asked if they can stick wall covering to their bathroom walls. Well yes, adding beautiful wallpaper is one way to make your bathroom attractive and make a small space look big. But which kind of wallpaper is best for a bathroom? This article answers the question, what kind of wallpaper should I use in a bathroom? 

Why Should I Wallpaper My Bathroom?

Adding wallpaper to your bathroom makes a huge impact. Most restrooms are small, making you feel confined when you walk in them. But with the right wall covering, you can make a small bathroom look big. Aside from that, adding wallpaper is a fun way to do things. Most people spend little time in their bathroom because it is not the right place to stay. Fixing wallpaper to your bathroom wall will make staying in it a fun thing to do. And what better way to make your restroom attractive than to stick a beautiful wall covering on the wall. 

Can I Use any Wallpaper in My Bathroom?

No, you can’t. The reason for that is simple. The wallpaper will come in contact with water or moisture when you install it in your bathroom. When you bathe, water can splash on the wall covering, making it absorb moisture and swell. Paper wallpaper is a poor material to use in your bathroom. This kind of wall covering will become wet and absorb moisture if you fix it in your bathroom. The best kind of wallpaper to use in a restroom is plastic-coated wallpaper. Whether you are using vinyl-coated wallpaper or solid vinyl, any material made of vinyl will last longer. 

What Kind of Wallpaper Should I Use in a Bathroom?

Why Is Vinyl Wallpaper Perfect for Bathroom?

Vinyl wallpapers have a coating of polyvinyl chloride or PVC on their surfaces that prevent moisture absorption. Polyvinyl chloride is some plastic, and we know that plastic is water-resistant. Since vinyl wall covering is water-resistant, it will last longer because it is not prone to swell like paper. Aside from that, cleaning vinyl wallpaper is easy. All you have to do is wipe the surface with a clean cloth to remove dirt.

What About Mold? 

Damp conditions like the one in a bathroom can cause the growth and spread of mold. Most homeowners are afraid of vinyl because they thought it will feed mold. But that is to the contrary because vinyl wallpaper will not feed mold. The surface of most vinyl wallpaper is glossy, preventing the growth and spread of mold if you clean it regularly. While vinyl wall covering will not cause the spread of mold, mold can occur behind it if moisture is trapped behind the wall. That is why you should clean the wall of your bathroom thoroughly to remove all traces of mold before you install your wallpaper. 

A final note on using vinyl wallpaper

If you are wondering what kind of wall covering to use in your bathroom, you now know that the best to use is vinyl wallpaper. It is moisture-resistant and easy to clean, making it last longer in a water-prone place like a bathroom. If you are ready to use vinyl wallpaper, check out Shopsavis online store. 

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