How Much Is Paint in Nigeria?

paint price in Nigeria

Are you planning to change the look and feel of your room? Aside from sticking nice wallpapers to the wall, you can smash your wall with beautiful paint and change the aesthetic. If you decide to do that, you need to buy paint. And depending on how large your house is, you need lots of them. What is the price of paint in Nigeria? What is the 20 liter paint price in Nigeria? How much is Dulux paint? How many liters of paint do I need for my home decoration project? How much is Berger paint? What is the price of paint in Nigeria? This article provides answers to those questions. 

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What Is an Emulsion Paint?

Emulsion paint is a water-based paint that contains small polymer particles that have pigments which are suspended in water inside. When the paint dries, the particles combine, producing a film of paint on the wall. 

The color of the particle determines the color of your wall. Emulsion paints are the best quality paints for interior walls and are perfect for high-traffic places in your house like the kitchen and hallways. 

How Much Paint Do I Need for One Wall?

If you want to paint your house, you need to know how many buckets of paint you will buy. While most people in Nigeria buy paint by bucket, others buy paint by the liter. 

It is more convenient to calculate how much paint you need by the liter so that when you buy, you can easily know how many liters you need. 

So, as a general guide, a standard wall is 12 meters by 2 meters, while a standard emulsion wall paint has a common coverage of between 12-14 square meters. If you decide to give the wall a double coat, then 2 liters will be enough for one wall. 

How Much Paint Is Needed for a Room?

To know how much paint you need for a room in Nigeria, you have to calculate the size of the walls. Measure the length and height of each wall to make it easy. 

For example, start from the largest wall and measure the height before measuring the length. If the height is 10 feet and the length is 15 feet, that will be 150 square feet or 15 square meters. 

Since one liter of emulsion covers 14 square meters, you need one liter per wall for one coat. If you want to give the wall a double coat, then you need 2 liters per wall. Now do the same for the remaining walls. 

If your room has four walls (as do most rooms), multiply the results and get the total number of liters you need. 

What Is 20 Liter Paint Price in Nigeria?

How Many Square Meters Does 20 Liters of Paint Cover?

Well, that will be approximately 240 square meters or 2600 square feet per coat for emulsion paint. Multiply the result by two if you want to give your wall a double coat of paint. 

How Much Is 20 Liter of Paint in Nigeria?

The price of paint in Nigeria varies on brand and type. For example, 20 liter Value paint price is different from 20 liter Berger paint. Also, the 20 liter Dulux paint price varies. 

So, when buying paint in Nigeria, you should look at the brand and select the one that is within your budget. 20 liter Dulux paint costs between #35,000 to #45,000 per bucket. 20 Liters Berger Luxol Emulsion cost #50,000. Berger Super Star Emulsion cost #28,000.

So, what is the 20 liter paint price in Nigeria? Well, that depends on the brand you want to buy. You should expect to spend between #28,000 and #50,000 on a bucket of 20 liter paint. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How Much Is a Paint Bucket in Nigeria?

Paint bucket prices in Nigeria vary depending on the size of the bucket. You should expect to spend between #2000 for a small paint bucket and #50,000 for a 20 liter paint bucket in Nigeria. 

Which Paint Is Best for Wall in Nigeria?

Looking for the best paint for a wall in Nigeria? Look no more because emulsion paints are the best quality for interior walls and are perfect for high-traffic places like hallways and kitchens. 

How Many Square Meters Do 20 Liters Cover?

20 Liters of Paint covers approximately 240 square meters for a single coat. Multiply that by 2 if you want to give your wall a double coat. 

What Area Does 1 Liter of Emulsion Paint Cover?

1 liter of emulsion paint will cover between 120 and 140 square feet for a single coat or 60 and 70 for a double coat. 

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