What Are the Types and Prices of Paints in Nigeria?

paints in Nigeria

Are you planning to change the aesthetics of your house? One way to do that is by giving it a new appearance. You can add beautiful and long-lasting wall paint and change the color of your wall to any you want. So, what are the types and prices of paints in Nigeria? How much is paint in Nigeria? Find out the answers in this article. 

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What Is Paint?

Paint is a substance composed of solid coloring matter suspended in a liquid medium and applied as a protective or decorative coating to various surfaces like a wall, wood and metallic objects. 

Also, paint comprises pigments, solvents, resins and various additives that make it useful for home decoration. The pigments in the paint give it the color; solvents makes the paint easier to apply; resin helps the paint to dry quickly; while additive serves as everything from fillers to anti-fungicidal agents. 

What Are the Types of Paint in Nigeria?

Paints in Nigeria are divided into two categories – oil-based and water-based paints. Oil-based paints contain an organic solvent in the markup of the paint, which can be natural linseed or synthetic alkyd oil as a base. 

Painters use oil-based paints for any surface where they want the finish to last longer. Since oil-based paints are durable, they are ideal for molding and trims. Water-based paints are called latex paints and consist of a pigment and binder with water as a carrier. 

These paints are the most common and environmentally friendly option because they provide color retention and dry faster than oil-based paint with few odors. 

Main Types of Paints in Nigeria

The main types of paint you will find in Nigeria are:

  • Emulsion,
  • Satin,
  • Gloss 
  • Matt.

These are water-based paints, and they are great for home interior wall decoration.

Popular Paint Brands in Nigeria

The best paint brands in Nigeria are: 

  • Dulux Paints.
  • Berger Paints Nigeria. 
  • International Paints West Africa (IPWA).
  • Meyer Paints.
  • Portland Paints Nigeria.
  • Eagle Paints.
  • Trumpcoat Paints.
  • Premium Paints Plc.

Can I Use Enamel Paints in Nigeria?

Enamel paint is among the best house wall paint you can use when decorating your home. The paint has a hard, glossy, opaque finish resulting from its chemical composition. 

While enamel paints are suitable for painting metallic surfaces, homeowners can use them on walls with rough use. Enamel paint has incredible durability and dries to a tough, hard finish that can withstand weather and humans’ rough uses.

What Are the Uses of Paints in Nigeria?

Homeowners in Nigeria can use paints to change the aesthetic of their interior home walls. Aside from homes, Nigerians can use paint to change the wall texture of their offices and shops. You can bring the best out of your home with a beautiful paint texture. 

Prices of Paint in Nigeria

How much is paint in Nigeria? What are the prices of Dulux paints in Nigeria? The prices of paints in Nigeria depend on the brand and size. A 4 liter paint in Nigeria will cost more than a 1 liter. 

1 Liter Akoland Satin Emulsion in Nigeria

Price of the paint ₦6,000

What Are the Types and Prices of Paints in Nigeria?

This wall paint is a good and durable paint to use when decorating your home. It is smooth and shining, giving you the best you can get with your money. 

20 Liter Super Star Berger Paint

Price of the paint ₦28,000 

 Prices of Berger Paints in Nigeria

This Berger paint for sale in Nigeria has a matt finish with coverage of 8 to 1o square meters per liter. It is made with suitable fungicides to prevent mould growth after application.

20 Liter Meyer Standard Emulsion Paint

Price of the paint ₦25,000

 Types and Prices of Meyer Paints in Nigeria

This water-based paint dries quickly when applied to a surface and forms no blisters or flakes. It has extra protection with DFP, and is easy to paint over.

So, what are the types and prices of paints in Nigeria? You can buy top-quality water-based paint for home improvement to give your wall a good painting. Note the cost of buying paint in Nigeria varies, so you should regularly check for the latest price. 

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