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Get cheap high-quality carpets and floor rugs for sale in Nigeria with free shipping on many items. Browse wall-to-wall carpet rugs, cotton rugs, wool rugs, rubber carpets, center rugs, Persian rugs, and grass carpets @ an affordable price on Shopsavis. Our carpets come in various colors you can choose from and last longer, offering value for your money.

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Beautify your house

Get 100% durable carpets, center rugs, and floor rugs online for your indoor flooring project. @Shopsavis, you will get any kind of carpets and rugs you desire for your home interior design. Our carpets are available in different sizes, colors, and textures. And the price of our rugs per square meter makes flooring your room affordable.

10 mm artificial grass rugs

₦4500 per m2 

blue artificial grass

₦8750 per m2

high-quality carpets and floor rugs in nigeria

₦3000 per m2


What You Get When You Buy Our Carpet Rugs

Carpets are not made equal. That is why when you buy our carpet and floor rugs online, you will get a floor that is:


  • Durable,
  • Easy to clean,
  • Long-lasting, 
  • Strong, 
  • Resistant to foot traffic, 
  • Pet and kids friendly, 
  • Aesthetically pleasing.

Enjoy cheap carpet prices per yard in Nigeria when you shop and buy your carpets and rugs @ Shopsavis online store.

High-Quality Carpets and Floor Rugs

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Cheap Carpets and Rugs Available

Are you looking for cheap carpets and floor rugs for sale in Nigeria? Shopsavis has got you covered. The price of our carpets per square meter is cheaper than others. Also, if you want the best rugs per square foot in Nigeria, Shopsavis makes it easy for you to buy what you need. Get cheap rugs per yard in Nigeria when you buy from Shopsavis. Our rugs per square meter in Nigeria start from #4000. Also, rubber carpet per yard in Nigeria starts at #1500. You can buy any amount of carpets and rugs you like for your home interior decoration. 

Key Features of Our Carpets and Floor Rugs

Get the best quality carpets and rugs when flooring your room or sitting room. Our carpets last longer with less maintenance. Enjoy your carpet and rug for up to 10 years depending on the grade you buy. 

Do you want rubber carpets or rugs for your home interior design? @Shopsavis, you can get a large variety of carpets and rugs with different surface textures. We have cotton rugs, rubber rugs, wool rugs, center rugs, etc.

Our floor rugs are easy to maintain, making them last long after you’ve laid them on the ground. @Shopsavis we ensure that you keep your carpets and rugs clean with less stress.

Our carpets and floor rugs are aesthetically pleasing and will increase the curb appeal of your bedroom, living room, or children’s room after laying them. Enjoy attractive floor rugs and carpets for sale in Nigeria when you shop with Shopsavis. 

Where You Can Use Our High-Quality Carpets and Floor Rugs

Carpets and rugs are perfect for indoor flooring in Nigeria. You can lay our floor rugs and rubber carpet in your bedroom, sitting room, children’s room, library, and office. The soft and thick surface texture of our rugs makes them perfect for home interior flooring. Our wall-to-wall rubber carpets are perfect for full-room ground covering. And if you prefer, you can use our full room rugs in your bedroom. You can lay our center rugs in your bedroom and sitting room. And if you want carpets for outdoor flooring, @Shopsavis has a large range of grass carpets you can install outdoors.

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